1)Sweden Proflute brand silica gel desiccant rotor ,larger dehumidification capacity
2)German Rosen blower, 300-3500m³/h air flow
3)Capable of Working at lower dew point temperature
4)Wider temperature operating range -10~50 ℃
5)PTC heater , energy-saving
6)High temperature warning protection
7)Automatic/manual mode, automatic switch machine
8)1% precise humidity control
MODEL RY-1200M RY-1500M RY-2500M RY-3000M
Capacity(20°C,60%) 8.5kg/hr 10kg/hr 15kg/hr 19kg/hr
Voltage 380V/50Hz-60Hz 380V/50Hz-60Hz 380V/50Hz-60Hz 380V/50Hz-60Hz
Reactivation air flow 450m3/hr 580m3/hr 925m3/hr 1100m3/hr
Core components Proflute Proflute Proflute Proflute
Process air flow 1250m³/hr 1550m³/hr 2550m³/hr 3000m³/hr
Inlet size 250mm 250mm 400/450*225mm 400/450*225mm
Outlet size 160mm 160mm 200mm 200mm
Applied Temperature -10-55°C -10-55°C -10-55°C -10-55°C
Power rating 11KW 13KW 24KW 27KW
Current 22A 26A 50A 55A
Dimension(mm) 880*660*1238 880*660*1238 1295*856*1300 1295*856*1300
Weight 170kg 180kg 300kg+ 310kg+

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